I miss my ex 5 months on and I am still blocked?

It was the most painful break up of my life.

5 months on, it doesn’t hurt as much as it did. I managed to get my confidence back, I’m able to smile and laugh and focus on work and see friends. The physical pain has gone.

But I still think of him very often. I still miss him and I still want him back. The thought of him with another girl causes me a great deal of pain (he is still single though).

i’ve tried dating other men and it just makes me feel worse. I miss him and I miss what we had and I feel so helpless knowing that there is not I lot I can do. I have sought counselling and this has helped somewhat, but clearly not enough.

His mum tells me he does want me back, but how can this be the case when I’m still blocked?

We still see each other as we live nearby and I still have contact with his family, so even though I am blocked the door is not completely shut. But how on earth would i instigate anything in a socially acceptable way?

Deep down, I feel that if we got talking again naturally something may spark up again as we did have an undeniable chemistry, but forcing anything will push him away further.

any tips?
I miss my ex 5 months on and I am still blocked?
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