Sending my ex a hand written letter?

we only dated a few months but things between us escalated quickly, in the end im not sure why she put us on a break but she said it was to focus on her career and how she was used to being alone, i suspect i may have unintentionally feel insecure, i gave her her space but hit her up every few weeks and eventually she ghosted me, i did 0 contact for a couple months and hit her up, she told me it was never me but her and that she decided to quit her career and move back home (states away)... i tried to seduce her thinking i could respark something but it just upset her and she started blocking me on things, i texted her on whats app apologizing and she told me that she was just trying to let me down easy, that me hitting her up still was scary, that she was going through a hard time and didn't need me adding to it, and that she wasn't proud of some her past relationships... i tried to encourage her and give some reasoning, she left me on read, a day later i tried to push why she wasn't proud of us and she apologized for hurting me said goodbye and then blocked me on that too... its been just over 2 weeks , i watched a dating coach video that said hand writing a letter not trying to win her over but trying to explain your actions but mostly trying to apologize for making her feel a certain way and do what she did.. do you think this could be a good idea or would it just be creepy?
Sending my ex a hand written letter?
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