My ex blocked me after seeing old pictures? Why?

I reconnected with an ex after 3 years of us not talking. We were together or 7 years and I reconnected by writing her a letter. After about a month of her contemplating it.. we got in touch and talked a little online.

It went well and we just talked about old times -- teasing eachother, talking about what we've been up too, etc. After a couple hours she had to go. I sent her a couple old pictures of us together that I thought she'd love to have. I sent them more as, "remember when we did this?" pictures.

She blocked me right after and I have no idea why. I'm guessing the pictures triggered her? It just doesn't make any sense.. we were talking so nicely to eachother the day before and reconnecting. There was no drama.. it was all smiles. What happened? I can't figure out if she really just hates me or if she just is overwhelmed and needs time.
My ex blocked me after seeing old pictures? Why?
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