Why did my (ex) block me on social media after we had sex?

We had a quick story months ago after we started talking through a uni groupchat. We both developed a crush on each other, decided to meet, and I lost my virginity to him this day. But it went too fast for him and we both weren't ready for a relationship at the time, plus we had a pregnancy scare after this, so we « broke up » on good terms. I asked him not to stay in touch, what we did.

4 months after, I got invited at a party at the place where he lives. At some point my friends left, I was drunk and alone. The effects of alcohol on my emotional hormones made me ask him on Snap if he wanted to have sex. He told me it wasn’t a good idea to see each other after what we’ve been through, with me drunk and him sober, that things will be messy again, that I should think through it more and talk about this when I was sober. I said that it was fine, that it was only for one night, that I was over him. He finally told me that he could give me a bed but that nothing could happen and that I had to leave as soon as I wake up. I agreed.

Once I arrived in his flat, he opened Netflix. We played a show, but there was a huge sexual tension and we ended up having sex. It was awful afterwards because he told me that he was trying to forget about our story and that me popping up and having sex again was a huge mistake. I also cried, realizing that I wasn’t actually over him. We had a weird argument about our whole relationship and why it failed. We promised that we’ll never talk again and didn’t sleep well. When I left in the morning, we hugged each other and he told me « have fun hating me » as a goodbye.

I thought that things were cool but apparently not. He blocked me on Snap 24 hours after. And a few days later, I uploaded a story on IG and as soon as he saw it, he blocked me on IG as well. He didn’t block me on Fb, but we both don’t use it anyways. One month has passed and I’m still not over it. I would like to have some external reactions about this situation :)
Why did my (ex) block me on social media after we had sex?
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