Are accumulating white lies a reason to break up?

I’ve caught him in many situational lies about who he’s with, when he got home, where he is or where he’s going. It never stops and he always denies lying even though I have the proof right in front of me. He gaslights me every time (I think that’s the right term). If I’ve caught him in so many little white lies how many have I not caught? And why lie about such silly little things? Is there more going on that the lie is covering up?

My mind runs in circles as I have a really hard time trusting. I don’t know where to go from here. Do I end it because there is no longer a relationship of trust? Do I give him another chance? Is giving him another chance just teaching him to get better at lying to me?

We’ve been together 2 years and along with the white lies there’s other inconsistencies in our relationship that need growth to see if we actually meet up in life goals and our life paths.

We’re in code red lockdown in our city so socializing is at a minimum.

Any advice opinions or thoughts are much appreciated.
Are accumulating white lies a reason to break up?
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