Should I delete my exes phone number?

I have gone through periods of no contact and after a long time, I would eventually contact her. I have gone through great efforts to get her to authentically communicate with me. I have tried to apologize and show her that I changed and that i care about her. I have tried to see if we might be able to be friends. Personally, I feel like I overcame certain things that ended the relationship and tried to be a better man and i honestly genuinely cared about this person and thought we had a very deep and special relationship so I really wanted her to be a part of my life. But if I try to contact her she does not respond. I have gone years of no contact messaging her maybe once a year after not contacting and she usually blocks me. She has not responded usually but if she does its very cold and negative like one time she called me a stalker. It like she changed in an instant one time she was saying that she loved me and the next she completely cut me out of her life and it brought me and subtly still brings me a lot of pain because i never got any closure she just told me things that were completely radiculous like i ate her food one time when we lived together and then just cut me off and disappeared and it just drove me crazy now i really want to move on with my life. I have no more hope and i just want to do whatever i can to move on.
Should I delete my exes phone number?
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