When someone truly loves you, they'd make time for you right?

My ex and i dated for more than a year, it was a long distance one. But, we did everything, like calls and video calls and games and movies. Literally we did everything. But, suddenly life came in the way and he didn't have time for me anymore. Either way, something in me kept telling me that if someone loves you, they'd definitely make time for you and that's like something you don't or shouldn't even have to ask for right? But things got worse and we broke up. Then he dated other girls and i dated one guy for almost a year but my ex kept texting me and trying to have contact with me and sometimes told me he'd wait for me to come back to him. Which i did. Few months ago i broke up with the guy i was dating and got back with my ex and everything was going fine for few days and suddenly my ex didn't have time for me again like last time :).. which was fine lol but it was worse than last time. He didn't even have 5 minutes for me :D and then he was like "we're not really dating right so I don't have to give you time tbh.." and then he was more worried about how Im going to be lonely now since i broke up with that guy to get back with him and then we stopped talking. There's not a day that i don't think of him and it's getting hard to accept the truth that he doesn't really care anymore.
When someone truly loves you, they'd make time for you right?
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