Stalker ex long distance boyfriend has been after me for 13 years?

So, I have a issue with a long distance ex boyfriend and he has been trying to find me for years it's been 13 years to be exact... I don't understand why he is so obsessed, I had dated him when I was younger and the first year was great but then the second year he changed and got abusive. He never hurt me physically (because long distance) but he'd tell me how I should dress, wear my hair, makeup, how i should act and if I didn't he'd scream at me and calling me any manner of names. His sister and family would even get in on it, his sister would pretend to be him and break up with me just because it gave her joy and his dad and cousins would tell him "how do you know she's a virgin, I bet she's sleeping around on you" I was dumb and kept going back to him everytime he would say sorry and that he didn't mean to hurt me. The breaking point was when we were engaged and he cheated on our anniversary of 2 years dating, the girl he wanted me to be had called my phone while I was waiting for him so I could listen to him and her have sex.. after they finished she kept sending me picture of herself to say he wants her, she's prettier, I'm fat. I was not in a good state of mind and tried to kill myself that night after putting up with everything for a year, after my failed death attempt my mother and I had a long talk and I wanted to start over. I broke up with him and deleted anyway he could find me. He has found me through old friends I'm no longer friends with or names I used to use and every time he dose it's never sorry it's him wanting me to know how awful his life is and that that's why he did those things to me.. THIS boy has made it so I'm scared of ever running into him, letting anyone know my real name because he can find me, posting photos with friends online and having a normal life... I really don't know what to do about him (one time he even threaten me that he knows someone that can find me no matter where i go. A lie but still scares me)
Stalker ex long distance boyfriend has been after me for 13 years?
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