How to handle an initial divorce?

It's official.. we have decided to get a divorce. We loved one another maybe too much.. so that isn't why we are divorcing
. we just are in two different places in our life and both have so much baggage... past trauma issues and many others that we fought all the time. My heart hurts incredibly bc this is my very best Friend that I won't have in my life anymore. It's a tough pill to swallow.. n I don't know what to do with my pain. I wish keeping myself busy was an outlet for me but it isn't bc I become paralyzed when heart broken. I guess I just need to allow myself to feel it. I'm just so sad. This all sucks... only thing that gets me to see a light at the end of the tunnel is , I know I'm not the first to go through this and come out ok... its just I can't imagine my life with us being divorced. I feel like a failure bc giving up is something I've never done and trust me, I've come from a very hard life so to have a marriage be something I can't do well in is tough. I don't know.. just venting.
How to handle an initial divorce?
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