Jealousy or weirdo?

I know this guy who has a crush or sexual lust towards me. I don't know what he actually wants but what I do know is that each time he saw me with my friends going out (I posted photos of us on instagram) , he would act weird. He wouldn't talk to me at first, ignore me etc. Only when I smiled at him, he would get normal again. Two weeks ago when I met my friend in front of him, he looked slightly annoyed.

But it was clear that he acted really odd whenever he saw me with my female friends.

I have invited him to hang out, I messaged him saying if he's free he can let me know. He never did but obsessively views all my stories and posts.
But I posted stories of me and my friend having lunch and dinner and he's was online every 20 minutes but didn't view my stories after he saw the dinner one. He saw my story in the morning even though he was Instagram all night.

It's not like I'm hanging out with guys. These are girls and when he has no interest in hanging out or even talking, then why act like a jerk by ignoring?

Now he's watching all my stories again.

What kind of person is he?
Jealousy or weirdo?
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