I've got a pregnant ex, what should I do?

Me and my ex broke up after a 7 year relationship. After only a week of it being ended she tells me she is pregnant from the sex we had 4 weeks before. We have one child already. She is sick with anorexia, bladder problems and mental health issues and has been in a rehab unit which obviously left me with a toddler for 3 months solid on my own. Not that it could be helped these things happen in life but i say that to stress the fact that if she goes ahead and has the child i will probably be a single parent with 2 kids at some stage. She finds it hard with the one we got already who is 4. We co parent now and haven't lived together for 18 months with the 4 year old coming to me on weekends. I work full time and can't really help out at all. When Our relationship ended is was extremely over due. It was very toxic and unhealthy and just when i thought i had escaped it bam, a bombshell like this. I hate the women and can't stand the sight of her some how every time im around her i leave feeling down. Im literally praying and looking for anyway out of this i really dont want another kid with her. I think its pretty straightforward decision to make when you take all of this into account.
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The child isn't sick the mother is.
I've got a pregnant ex, what should I do?
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