My ex wanted to be friends, now he doesn’t talk to me. Why?

My ex and I had a pretty messy break up. But during our 4 year relationship we respected and loved each other dearly. We split because he decided to take a “break” from us which made me question my relationship with him, that later led to me taking a “break” from him and I met someone else. I spent 3 years with that someone else and my relationship with him was very abusive and toxic. My ex reached out to me once but I did not respond during that time. After I broke up with the abusive ex, I reached out to my ex apologizing. I had no intentions but only to apologize.
He was very friendly and told me he’d like to have a friendship. I was so happy to hear that, as I don’t have many friends. He invited me over and we talked like we never left. It was three years since I seen him. I told him that I’m happy we can be friends but I feel like it made it awkward when I said that. After that he didn’t really reach out to me, but I always reached out to him. Before he told me I could use his lights for photos, or help set up mine that I have, but when I asked for them weeks later, he told me he didn’t have them and didn’t help me either with the ones I have. He was at home the whole time, 2 min away from me. He doesn’t talk to me at all. I reached out to him and invited him & his friend hiking, he denied but told me we will do something fun, which never happened.
Lastly, he is suppose to help me with my website photos. I told him I put together a team and he said it could be just me and him do it. I tried to discuss the photo shoot with him face to face but he seemed to try to get out of it last minute which upset me. We later met because he could hear I was upset but I tried not to say anything. I told him I couldn’t stay long because I had plans, he jokingly asked if I had a date. I laughed it off but he asked again. I didn’t, but I told him that I wish I did jokingly. I don’t get it. Why say he wants to be my friend but when I try to be friends he does all of this.
My ex wanted to be friends, now he doesn’t talk to me. Why?
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