Should I tell my ex that I’m coming back?

So this guy and I dated for about 8 months when I was in the city then I left and we still talked long-distance for over a year. I visited him once during that time. He waited me the whole time as I told him I’m visiting for a second time. But I couldn’t coz of covid and he suddenly told me there’s a girl he likes and he wanna move on. I was fine with it too but we kept contact for another six months even after he told me he was in a relationship. He started to flirt with me but I told him I feel bad for his new girl. Then he told me he can’t control when he’s with me and tried to cut off with me. I didn’t wanna cut off entirely as he’s also my friend and I didn’t wanna lose him. Finally, his girlfriend texted me to not contact him anymore and I respected that. We stopped talking since then but recently (after 10months), I’m in a difficult time and I’m thinking of moving back permanently back to his city (for personal reasons). I’m gonna also study in the same university as him as it’s a good choice for me. I talked to him again and he responded quite maturely, even apologized to me for the time when he was a jerk and we made peace with the past. Should I tell him I’m moving back there or just let him see me when I’m there?(He’s gonna know it sooner or later tho). by the way he’s a foreigner and we’re both from different countries but his new girlfriend is from the same country as him and they’re currently in a serious relationship as he told me.
Should I tell my ex that I’m coming back?
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