Do I have a chance at getting him back?

I confronted my ex as to why he broke up with me cause I felt like I needed a better answer than what he gave me at the time. He said that he felt like the relationship wasn't right for him, I then asked so that's how you lost feelings for me and he avoided the question. I told I'm grateful for the amazing memories we shared and that I hope we can stay mates cause I genuinely do want to be mates rather than nothing at all. Plus we have the same friend group and I'm friends with his sister so I never want to put them in an awkward situation. I'm happy to wait for him so he can figure his own stuff out however, I understand that I should let go as well. My head, heart and gut say its not the end of this chapter between him and I and that its the beginning to something new, Usually with breakups I'm like its done dusted, nothing new here. So do I have a chance of getting him back at some point?
Do I have a chance at getting him back?
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