Boyfriend broke up with me a week ago but his behavior is very confusing?

Long story short. Were together nearly 2 great years. Moved to a new state together where he was ecstatic at first. Apparently he’s been very depressed since we have no friends here but he never seriously tried to make friends either. The main reason he broke things off is he wants to move to Texas and his mom does not approve of me because I didn’t grow up in the south or religious and also I believe the fact that I’m Mexican.

After our last trip to visit his family this all came about and he just gave up. Before his mom called him and told him oh so many terrible untrue things about me he was telling them he wanted our parents to meet so clearly everything was good before this. He was looking up schools for our future kids when we moved here.

He’s admitted to me more that he doesn’t see how it could work if she never approves of me. He listens to them for everything even if they are wrong. She’s manipulative and pushes and pushes to get her way. He’s almost 30 Well I’m still living here with him until another week but he’s acting like things are somewhat normal. He kissed me twice last night and was calling me baby. Later apologized. He’s like why couldn’t I have met you Louisiana, I waited ten years for someone like you. Please don’t date anyone for awhile it’s going to kill me. Please don’t delete our photos. When you leave I’m going to ball my eyes out. We should have just moved to TX from the beginning. Hugs me and holds my hand and said he’s trying to make our time together enjoyable while he has me. I’m so confused.
Boyfriend broke up with me a week ago but his behavior is very confusing?
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