Girls, Why would my toxic ex do this?

So what in the heck... my ex who blindside broke up with me in early 2019. Really hurt me badly. It took time but I worked through it, got my strength, and went on with life. Fast forward to when the pandemic started last year and up jumps the boogie this guy tries to get in touch with me to "check-in"... I paid him no mind... Thanksgiving he resurrects again to attempt to send "greetings" I ignored him. November rolls around and he appears.. I take his call.. he says nothing useful... nor sincere... matter of fact he said "it's not fair to you if I contact you to be friends so I am deleting all your contact information... have a nice life.. I wish you all the best..." I regretting taking the call, got out of my own way, brushed the dirt off, and kept on stepping. Fast forward to 2021... yet again he is appearing... he sent some sob text that he assumes im already in a relationship now, probably married blah blah blah and that he doesn't want to cause any trouble but if we could talk he would appreciate it... I wasn't falling for that again and I did not respond.

And then a few days ago while I was working on a project my email notification goes off. It's him... sending an email... when I open it... it's blank. What the heck? What's wrong with this guy? What is he gaining from sending a blank email?

My family feels I should file for harassment because he won't leave me alone.
What are your views on the situation?
Girls, Why would my toxic ex do this?
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