Thinking of contacting ex years later?

Things ended with my ex about 7 years ago when I moved states. Our relationship was good. He was super kind and such a good person all around. But the relationship just sort of fizzled. He never really thought about moving with me and I guess he felt I didn't ask him to either. About 4 years ago I moved back and shortly afterwards met my now fiancé. Things are good between us. A few issues here and there, but nothing major. We live together now and he's been very supportive of me going back to school for my second degree. Ever since I moved back the thought has crossed my mind to reach out to my ex. I genuinely hope he is happy and has found someone to be happy with. I would feel absolutely terrible if he hasn't. I just feel things had ended weird between us and I would hate for it to have affected him.

What should I do? (I'm 32 and he would be about 35).
Thinking of contacting ex years later?
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