My ex boyfriend broke up with me based on this did he play with my feelings?

After he left me two years ago, we texted for a few months and he was giving me hope and then if I said something he didn’t like he would take away that hope. I felt like he played with me because shortly after, he blocked me from everywhere I couldn’t reach him, and he intended on never speaking to me again. I just wasn’t ready, and my heart was bleeding. 6 months ago, I decided to text him through a different phone number and pour my heart out. It got me nowhere. He told me he doesn’t care about me, and he told me that I am psycho, to never contact him again.

Well, I kind of went crazy this time. Long story short, I found out he was watching the same show we used to watch together, with a new friend who happened to be a female. I joined in one of their calls and he knew it was me… I got offended. All this time, he was hanging out meeting new people! He was socializing like no tomorrow, and of course it hurt me. Especially after how he did me so dirty and made me feel like trash.

Is it safe to say he played with my heart, and he should feel guilty someday or at least feel like he wronged me? Because while I won’t do anything ever again to him, he made me feel like he was suffering and I should be so guilty for everything… when in fact he was the one doing well.

He is so cold. If he was going to end things like that and break my heart again, he didn’t have to hide the fact that he was happier, and not angry. 💔
My ex boyfriend broke up with me based on this did he play with my feelings?
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