How do you move on from an abusive ex?

My ex was arrested and is being charged for abuse. He isn't allowed to talk to me etc. He hasn't attempted to contact me but he will watch my Instagram etc. I am just so angry at him for what he has done to me. I feel like I am the one that is suffering from this and he gets to live his life. My family and friends have been incredible, I have a lovely home and a positive future ahead etc.

But I feel like I lost so much, I lost an expensive possession (which I paid for through him but he tried to use it as a hold over me), I spent hundreds on the house and he got to keep everything. I had to change jobs and relocate because of him. As much as everyone has been wonderful and keep saying that at least I am safe etc. I can't help but feel frustrated about it all, I still have to deal with the trauma and the effects that it is having on me.

I have set personal goals and handling it the best I can, moving forward with my life etc but I keep thinking he is probably enjoying himself and having the time off his life, which is upsetting me. I just want justice now, how can I move on from this feeling?
How do you move on from an abusive ex?
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