Would you give him a second chance?

Long story short (although probably still fairly long lol) I was coworkers with a guy but outside of that we were very good friends, I was partially fired from my job (I didn't want to go into work due to health concerns) and then I asked for my outstanding holiday pay which I got, then the boss claimed to have overpaid me, anyway my "friend" phoned me advising me to pay as it seemed all legitimate, but after this I text him and he ignored me so I didn't bother after that as I didn't know where his loyalty was, then a month or so later the boss sends me a text saying that my "friend" has basically called me a lair (although the boss could be living about this). Fast forward to now and my "friend" has apparently been asking how I am and thinks I dont like him anymore, and im debating sending a simple message at the weekend, but not sure if its the right thing? What would you do? Or can you dm me if you need more info. Sorry for the long post
Would you give him a second chance?
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