I need to understand what it's going on thro he's head?

2 years in, but same time not together, broken up more than million of times, and always trying to get back because we say we got feelings for each other. Last night I decided to do as he said, after whatever happened I thought that we were gonna work things out, I asked now what? Looked at me and turned out to be a complete disaster, of course like always! He says to me that I gotta work on communicating, and doing so many things because he runs the relationship not me, but at the end he says that everything has been over! I said what? What the heck! Than why would u want me to work things out and put all my effort and do what u say if you have no more feelings for me! I walked out saying to leave me alone and to stop playing with me if so he's feelings have been over. Can anyone tell me why would anyone who doesn't love the person who was their partner do so much and work towards a relationship that has no future anymore. Why would a man say do this and do that, and say that's that mean he still loves you but at the end he says everything is over! He has lost it! That's the words he used. I've lost it for you already. I need help because so fkn confused and I got nothing to help me out with this?
I need to understand what it's going on thro he's head?
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