I need help? ? I don't know what to do? ?

I just broke up with my girlfriend. I just moved to another state and we had discussed that I would come back to them at some point. We would make long distance work. I had just gotten together with them 3 weeks before moving. And they mentioned they asked me partly to be their girlfriend so I would stay in the state I lived in before I moved. Short story short. We were in a relationship I broke it off because they wanted us to live together because they don't like long distance relationships. And gave me a time frame of 5 months. If we didn't live together if I didn't move back to my previous state to be with them they would move on. They considered moving to the new state I live in but because of certain complications they couldn't and just wanted me to move back to be with them. I understood the. Sacrifice they would have made for me and I felt I should do that for them. We only dated for over a month. But I felt a strong connection with them, them as well to me. I want to get back with them.. I know how that looks considering I ended things because I thought it would be better qnd heavier for each other in the long run.. it just hurts.. and I know I will miss them.. We still each other's social medias. We can see others posts.. I know not good but yeah.. We are still friends on social media.. I guess, it's not so much a question, more just venting.
I need help? ? I don't know what to do? ?
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