My best friend is giving me an ultimatum?

I have a boyfriend/ now ex as of yesterday, who i had really strong feelings for. We’ve been through a lot of problems but we were so close. We would do everything together and we would be so happy. I really see a life with him we’re just young and need to mature since our communication skills and trust weren’t the best. I ended up breaking up with him since I realized that having that little amount of trust wasn’t good for either of us and we needed to work on it. So I thought it would be good to have a bit of time separated from each other in order to see if we still want to try to make things work, or be single. Either way, that time apart could help us deal with our overthinking and trust issues since we can’t do anything about each other now that we’re single. We really love each other and I’m not really interested in finding another person, neither is he. I broke his heart when I ended things however I thought it was for the best to avoid more problems. It was toxic. But we’re both trying to be healthy we just don’t know how. My girl best friend came to my house yesterday with another one of our friends after the breakup to make me block him. She confronted me about how she felt about him and was basically saying that she never like him, she never wanted me to be with him, etc. Now she’s saying if I go back with him, she’s done being my friend. I understand she might be tired of seeing me in a toxic relationship, but we both don’t want that either we want to be healthy there’s just no one that’s willing to understand. I asked her to help me but she said no. The best thing is to just move on from him she said even though neither of us want to. We’re still in communication just as friends however we haven’t seen each other or anything but she’s really pushing to make me leave him. I love her so much, I’ve been friends with her for years but she’s really giving me an ultimatum, her or my ex basically, and I don’t know what to do.
My best friend is giving me an ultimatum?
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