Should I not go back and move on?

So i have been in a relationship with this guy for abouth 7 or 8 months and it was an on snd ofc relationship. In the beginning it was so good he loved me so much and was everything that i wanted in a boyfriend he treated me the way i wanted to be. But after a break up, the relationship became so painful when we got back we didn't understand each other but i felt like he was trying his best so i thought of giving a try and i gave my best too. But somewhere i was not happy with this relationship we fought very frequently and he would disappear whenever i need him and he would give some excuses but i ignored that too. But i felt something off, he just didn't want to be there for me he just wanted to go on dates and didn't care if im tired or busy he would feel bad and told me its because i didn't want to meet him. But sometimes again he talked very sweet and said he would this and that for me and made me feel like he loved me a lot and made me feel like no guy would ever love me that way. Im not that good girlfriend too. But whenever im so good to him or give him all love and attention he would start caring less and act as if he is my crush but the fact is i was his crush fr a long time before i accepted me. He would show me attention and affection whenever i post my picture or put in my story and he barely reacts or compliments me (he used to a lot but these days i dont know what's wrong). I know im also wrong sometimes of which i shouldn't be. But the relationship is becoming so toxic. And i love him so much i dont know how i'll spend the days without him. But going back to him also make me feel like losing my self respect and he no longer made me feel the way he made me feel before he just dont care anymore. He didn't even stop me when i break up, he behaved as if he didn't care or maybe he's angry? And he talked to a lot of girls who flirted with him and give very less time to me. Should i move on or go back saying sorry even if he didn't even ask me to come back?
Should I not go back and move on?
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