My ex wants me back, should I or shouldn't I?

Hey, so this is the case, my ex and I broke up about 5 months ago, I told him I could not be with him because I always dwelled on a hurtful event with him in the past and I couldn't let go. (RL was 5 years). So the reason was that I couldn't! be with him, which was harder for me as I still wanted! to be with him. That's still the case today.

Now he asks me, if I'd try it again (but now for like a lifetime, I know he'd like to really be together with me if we do it again). I'm not 100% sure if that hurt is still active, as I'm not in a close relationship with him right now, I feel like I still want him and no one else. But somehow my heart's still not ready because I fear to have these feelings in the future again that I had.

He says, if I say I can't be with him he will meet new girls and sleep with them. That's not my responsibility, right? Also I feel if I say I can't (which is because of hurt feelings, I will get new hurt feelings). So I stay in a somehow "grey area".

Do you think I should stay or should let go? Really really grateful for answers on this hard topic (for me). Especially as I think life should be fun! PS: The past hurt was that he told me while dating, you are not the one, if I find a better girl I'm gone and I could never let go of that.
My ex wants me back, should I or shouldn't I?
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