I’m a guy asking this?

So my girlfriend and I had been through some arguments around communication mostly she gets frustrated by the way “ I “ communicate. I got fed up at some point so I told her we should take a break, especially because work have been hectic along with other things. But when I saw her get devistated by my decision I quickly changed my mind about it. But once I got back home she’s sending me all these “if you need a break take it, and don’t stay just because I cries , I’ll be ok…. Etc”. I told her I want go stay. But she just kept saying the same thing. Didn’t know how to respond so just ignored it and tried to be normal again asking how are you and stuff like that. Suddenly out of the blue she’s ignoring my messages for a week now, without explaining anything. We communicate through Snapchat. So she’s not opening my messages but still kept me in her Snapchat. What does that mean girls? Did I make a mistake, is she mad , are we done?
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Guys and girls opinions are welcome…. Should I move on?
I’m a guy asking this?
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