Why did my ex boyfriend lie about these kind of things?

Me and my ex boyfriend had a good relationship but one day he confessed to me that the “god child” he took care of was his real daughter so I broke up with him. He reasoned that it wasn’t my business, that we hadn’t dated long enough for me to know the truth, that his babymama would keep him from the baby if he didn’t listen to her... etc. He managed to convince me that he was right and that I was wrong. But my main issue with him is that he blatantly introduced me to the idea of him having a daughter by randomly showing me a picture of the little girl and saying “this is my God daughter. Her real mother died and the dad is a deadbeat so I take care of her.” And I believed him. So it blew my mind because what kind of man would introduce his real daughter as if she isn’t his? After some investigation I discovered that the child belonged to MY old friend from high school who had died and her boyfriend whom had been exposed for being kind of a deadbeat. So the original story that my ex told me was true. And the fact that he loved the little girl enough to push me away just for her made me question if I was wrong because I genuinely felt that the little girl who had lost her mother deserved to have people love and support her even if it was my boyfriend and his ex girlfriend doing so together. I just felt overwhelmingly played because I felt left out and lied to like a dumb ass when personally I deserved better. We remained broken up but would see each other from time to time. when I saw him and his “ex” messaging each other as more than coparents he blatantly lied to me and said he tells her romantic things because he didn’t want her to put him on child support. Obviously I didn’t believe it because he can't get out on child support because it’s not his child. It’s not even HER child. I felt like it was very disrespectful of him to blatantly lie about a child who belongs to my dead friend.
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And yes, the idea crossed my mind that maybe I was his side chick. When I started to suspect that I was I tried to break it off for good only to have him tell me “I will cut my ex off”. I told him not to do it because then how would he see the baby? But he made so many empty promises and told so many lies that my trust was screwed up after him. Like why?
Why did my ex boyfriend lie about these kind of things?
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