Why did he leave when I know he still loves me?

Okay so long story short my ex of 2 1/2 years broke up with me I’m 37 he’s 44. We were starting a future together everything was going great I was and am still in love with him. But one day he decided to just get up and go he said he was tired of the arguing, when the arguing was at normal as every relationship has them nothing out of the ordinary. But he left he moved out and I’ve begged him to just please come back home. I know I shouldn’t but I did. And he says we are done, but when we met up last Friday for dinner and sex happened as well he asked to be just friends. Why a man who showed me he loved me everyday just get up and go. I think covid has a lot to do with this too bc obviously we were stuck in the house together for so long and it’s a small house but I mean no arguments arose then we were just so quiet towards each other bc I didn’t want to cause arguments. This was all 3 weeks ago today was his birthday I sent a a hbd text just like that and he says thank you and my son also texted him and the first thing he asks is how’s your mom? If this isn’t clear please ask like I said long story short bc it’s a lot. But my question is why does he cry and says he still loves me but doesn’t “want” this anymore at least not now maybe later his words? Oh and one day after he left he was already talking to other women on fb and telling them about our issues random ladies that don’t know anything about us?
Why did he leave when I know he still loves me?
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