I miss boys from past, help me?

I miss boys from past and it is getting serious, I cannot see a therapist bcz I can't afford it...
so please advise something, I don't know how to meet new people..
Memories from past and the boys from my past are repeatedly coming to my mind and making me feel so SO DEPRESSED that I stopped eating food (loss of appetite) and have an upset stomach and mostly feel nausea and it's been going on since weeks now I can't stand this loneliness anymore. Please recommend some FREE android games or something addicting to divert my mind... I don't have Netflix to watch series.. so I don't know anymore I FEEL LIKE I WANT TO STOP GOING COLLEGE AT ALL COSTS SO THAT THE MEMORIES OF THE BOYS DON'T UPSET ME ANY FURTHER. IM IN DESPAIR 💔
I miss boys from past, help me?
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