Do you think serial cheaters should face a punishment?

I know this is controversial and I will get a lot of criticism for this, but do you think that serial cheaters should be punished or is that too extreme?

I know in past times adulterers were punished (usually women), but is there any sense in this?

Being cheated on hurts… there’s no doubt about it. This hurt doesn’t just stop after a week, or a month. It lasts. Even when this pain stops, your perspective changes. You have a more negative view of others and yourself, and no matter how much you try you’re filled with doubt - questioning your worth and other people’s intentions. I recently saw a survey that suggested that 76% of people said that being cheated on impacted their future relationships; 89% said it impacted their self esteem and made them question themselves.

Surely, someone who causes this much misery to multiple people should be punished. People should be deterred from treating people with such disregard. A relationship, in a way, is essentially a mutual agreement. A contract; therefore if it is broken, surely someone should be punished for this purely, as well as the pain caused.

I’m not suggesting serious punishments, but maybe a fine and then if they fail to change their ways, then they should have to attend counselling, if this continues they should not be allowed to marry or enter a formal relationship. What do you think?
Do you think serial cheaters should face a punishment?
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