My boyfriend broke up with me after 8 months of going out. Should I give him a second chance?

My boyfriend and I have been having issues in regards to a lack of interest, communication and emotional connection. All on his part. He has improved on some of these however states that he has ADHD but has not been properly diagnosed. He says that his behavior and not asking questions and remembering any important details relates to his ADHD. Because of this it has impacted our relationship negatively a great deal. If he misses his antidepressant medication he displays feelings of being tired and becomes defensive easily, especially when I bring things up that are issues in the relationship. He agreed to see another therapist as he has seen many in his past. I said that I I'm not sure if this is the relationship that I want and will need some time. I thought about it some more and told him that I would see a relationship therapist with him in order to work things out with him. He immediately said that he did not feel this relationship is going to work as it is affecting his health. He then texted me many messages stating how I am not a caring person and I'm only interested in getting my needs met only in this relationship and I am not caring about his. This is far from the truth as he has said many times that I am the only one that has been so very nice to him in many ways compared to his ex's and his family. He apologized for his outbursts. He says he doesn't ask me questions of interest because he is not used to people being interested in his life. This includes his ex's and his family.
I told him I need some space and time in order to heal and that he needs to get professional help in order for him to better himself. I also stated that as far as I'm concerned we are both single and wish to have limited contact with him. Since then he has been texting me everyday and wishes to get back together as he has many regrets. I just don't know what to do at this point. This is all very exhausting emotionally and physically. Please
My boyfriend broke up with me after 8 months of going out. Should I give him a second chance?
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