I hate my girlfriend but don’t know how to dump her part 3?

So New Years comes and I don’t know what to do, I don’t know how to say I didn’t cheat after saying that I did without looking like an idiot but I try calling her all day and she doesn’t pick up. Prior to Christmas we planned to go to a bar and hangout on New Years because it’s her favourite bar and we got tickets to it. So I still have a ticket and show up and go with my best friend but this time I’m there to apologize not flirt with girls. I call her when I finally get in the bar to try and meet up with her and she finally answers to giggle “I’m busy right now” I wait around the bar for roughly 45 minutes for her and start to think it’s a lost cause and look for my friend who went to the washroom 20 minutes prior to go somewhere else to celebrate and I walk on the dance floor and I see her in that dress I bought her for the first time grinding on him. I don’t remember it because I blacked out but apparently I pulled him off of her and gave him a knocked him out and gave him a black eye. I got kicked out, I called her until my phone was dead, I seen her outside in the patio and talked to her and she said she that she really cared about the guy I punched and thst I was wrong for that and said “we’re done” but I told her the truth that I didn’t cheat and she said “that’s fucked up and that she’d talk to me tomorrow” so I end up just waiting 3 hours outside the bar to talk to her and she obviously leaves with him holding hands and shit, and she walks right past me with him. Her friends tell me they’re driving him home with them sitting in the back of the car. I started crying because I loved her, we had planned our whole future together and she said she wanted to be with me forever. So I call her otw home from the bar because I know it’s over and her house is still otw to mine from the bar to grab my shit from her house, she says it’s ok and obviously I ask if he’s there and she says no as if I’m acting crazy to think that.
I hate my girlfriend but don’t know how to dump her part 3?
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