Is this a good "break up" message?

So I need put me and my friend on a break. I still hope to connect in the future but whilst their being immature and in a way taking me for granted. They're still a good person but it can't go on this way.
I'd prefer to say all this in person but I want them to be able to read it instead, I won't be able to keep my composure. I tried to be as nice as possible but firm, tell me what you think!

'I've had time to think about some things.

I feel like you're still juvenile in a lot of ways, and that reflects on how you treat me - you don't know how to appreciate me.

I'm someone you can rely on and feel grounded with & then you're off doing questionable things with questionable people and it's like I don't exist. It's like whiplash for me.

There will always be a space for you & I'll still be here if you decide to up your game.

But until then, bye -----'
22 d
22 d
* -- taking me for granted, we can't keeping connecting
Is this a good "break up" message?
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