How do you move on?

So I’ve been with this guy since I was 16 and we were on and off a lot but we were still together when i turned 19. He’s older than I am so he kept talking about marriage which I wasn’t interested in. I really liked him but I just couldn’t see a future with him no matter how hard I tried. I’m not going to lie a lot of the reason was more he didn’t have a proper job when I was 18 I found out he was a scammer and that just led to the breakup then but we met one time and back we were together. Talking to him always made me have those butterflies 😂😂 but because he was a scammer his entire lifestyle and the people he was with wasn’t what I wanted long term. Plus I’m wayyy to young to get married. He ended up hurting me in the most unforgivable way (he raped me) and he kept calling to apologize but I just couldn’t. Now I’m in college and I’m getting new admirers but for some ☹️ Annoying reason I still remember him. The memories of the good times but then the bad memories come back it’s sooo annoying 😞
How do you move on?
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