Should I give 1 more chance to him?

Hello, I am 22 years old. I was in a relationship for a year and a half. We are couples who are being toxics, can't stay together but can't be apart either. He has been with me many times and during my quarantine process. But in the last 6 months, I have been subjected to intense psychological violence by him. Frankly, I realized this after talking to my therapist. It was getting more and more physical. Squeeze my arm, pinch my cheek, etc. Now I was very tired and unhappy. He threatened me when I wanted to leave. He forgives. Then it continued again. The last time he broke up with me because I didn't tell my therapist why I was going. After a while, he wanted to reconcile. How many days did he text, call, beg, cry? He keeps saying that everything will be different from now on. He says he understands everything. He said he wanted to commit suicide one night (He was already thinking commit suicide when we were together, but he was saying I can not do that because I love you.) The last time we spoke, he said he still loves me, but if I don't want to, he will find someone to forget me and he will forget me as soon as possible. "Or else I'll go crazy, I'll do something bad to myself," he said. What should I do?
Should I give 1 more chance to him?
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