Is it just me or is something up with him?

My Ex and I were together for 5 years, and broke up 2 months ago but we still keep regular contact, see each other, hook up and etc. During the holidays, he asked me a few questions (after we broke up) about my whereabouts when I wasn't around him. He even asked me to put my cell phone away (I was quickly browsing the internet) , while he was in another part of the house, speaking with his family.

Tonight, while were on the phone, I heard a cell phone go off and asked him about it. He became defensive and told me, we’re not together, so it’s none of your business! I immediately felt a certain way about, not because of his reply to my question, but rather because he has the nerve to question me about things, when were no longer together but if I ask him 1 simple question about a cell phone I heard in his background, that’s how he replies.

Am I overreacting? Or does this dude think he can have his cake and eat it too?
Is it just me or is something up with him?
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