Why is he ghosting me?

So my ex partner and I were together for 1.5 years. He got arrested for abuse etc. Six months later he contacted me and we started talking again. He said he wanted to take it slow as he needs to again my trust again.

It was all fine at the start. Talking well, communicating etc. Past few weeks he started being distant and cold with me. When it upset me I would ask about it and he said I was “kicking off” or giving him “anxiety”. He said I kept pushing him etc when I was just trying to help fix things. He cancelled on me twice in a week. He cancelled our dinner plans for new year because of my “conversation” when I was driving for 9 hours and had no signal.

On Sunday he said he wants to take it slow and needs to see that I won’t “kick off” etc. Then I never heard from him all night. The whole thing started to affect my mental health again. And I told him I’m not sure if it will work or if I can fix it if he’s distant or not talking. I haven’t heard from him ever since. I’ve texted a few times now, even said to him if he wants me to leave him alone then let me know erc. But there’s been nothing. I don’t get it. Why ghost me like this? Surely I’m allowed to say how I feel without being branded that I’m “kicking off”? He hasn’t blocked me on Snapchat etc yet just won’t talk to me and hasn’t said why? Surely if he wants it to be over and doesn’t want to talk - he would just say?
Why is he ghosting me?
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