Is it bad that I’m jealous?

My ex and I broke up a couple months ago, I moved on pretty quick because he was toxic and I was sick of giving him chances. He recently moved on too. When I was moved on, he would try and contact me however he could and said all the things I wanted to hear. I didn’t like it because it was weird and unfamiliar to me. I still rejected his offers to get back together because he lies. My friends sent me a picture of his social media post with his new girl and I just got angry and jealous because he treats her so well, he treats her how I wanted to be treated. I was madly in love with him until the end. I just get jealous because why does he treat her better? He could’ve treated me better all the times we got back together.
In the back of my head I think he learned a lot about how to love someone because of me.
Is it bad that I’m jealous?
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