Why do people get SCARED if being told someone is in love with them?

People are always saying how you can scare someone away by telling them how you feel.

i don't tel people how I feel- but not because I'm afraid they will reject me. I just do not feel dignified talking about my feelings. BUT I certainly a not afraid to. & I would not be afraid if someone told me how they felt. guess someones feeling is a tremendous desire to rape you or chop of your d***--why is it scary?

I do not understand why this is 'scary/ I never get scared when someone tells me they have feelings for me, when I know I don't like them.

i feel a bit bad, I can not return their feelings, but I certainly don't shake with fear & run for the hills.

i stay friends & try to be sensitive to the fact they are feeling vulnerable. I ride out the awkwardness till things go back to normal.

i know it is immature cowardly to just disappear when someone tellyou how they feel. I want to know WHY people get scared- NOT what t says about their character.


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  • males are usually not comfortable with bare emotions

    • im not talking about men. I'm talking about people. & I know people are not comfortable--myself included as I said. in the post, I'm a woman by the way. but I still make an effort to be respectful. & also, if someone is not comfortable, that's part of saying they are 'scared' which is what the question is based on, I ask why people are scared, so you say because they are scared.. that does not answer why. I asked why.

      i am asking people WHY they are afraid to be told someone likes the, 'why' ;)

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  • Well personally, I fell like I won't be able to reciprocate what they feel towards me. Or that they'll feel more than I fell and that's just not fair.

    • what do you mean 'fair; you can't force yourself t feel what you dont.

      anyone telling someone how they feel, is aware the feelings may not be reciprocated. to act as tho they have no clue is an additional insult

      anyways are you afrai of being told? because that was the question..

      if someone tells you their feelings, they know it might not be reciprocated.. so I don't see why that scares you.

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    • true, I don't know sometimes emotions and the way we process them doesn't always make sense.

    • but if you recognize they don't make sense, than you have the ability to make them make sense. You can't be aware of something & not be aware of .

      anyways I guess what you are saying, is it scares you because you think them telling you &u not reciprocating will hurt them, & you do not want to feel like you hurt someone?