I think I am just writing for some type of closure with my ex.

I feel like I never really got the closure I needed to with my ex. We had a long and messy break-up that lasted about a month as she slowly pulled away from me and stopped texting me and wanting to talk to me. Finally, after a month I acknowledge the fact that we were growing apart from one another and she admitted she felt the same way. Supposedly, she was breaking up with me because I wasn't able to tell her I love her and that she couldn't be in a relationship where - because I suck at expressing my emotions - can't tell her I love her in return.

1. My first question is, has any girls really ever felt this way before? Does it sound like a legitimate reason?

So after we broke up I told her that I wasn't going to give up on us and really just texted her everyday with random things - even when she wasn't texting me back. Actually, I went super overboard and would text her like 3 times a day, just random things. I did this for a month, and we would meet up and sometimes she would be affectionate, putting her hand on my face, our just being really playful with me.

But after about a month of this, It became to hard for me see her, everything to be cool, and then have her pull back and not respond to my texts or calls. It was although she was two different people when we actually saw each other in person and every other time.

So after about a month and a half of no-contact, I finally texted her to say hi. She responded with telling me, its as though I called you with my mind, I was going to text you yesterday. She told me that we needed to meet up to see each other...but then the day came and she disappeared on me. We've texted and talked a little bit since then, including a phone call right after her dog - which her ex that she was going to marry ran away. She left me a message that she really wanted to talk to someone - someone like me. We talked for like 20 min - which is short for us because we use to talk everyday for at least 2 hours about stupid random stuff. But after we talked she started ignoring me again. I got emotional and told her I still love her and sent a lot of text about how I feel...that she hasn't responded to. Finally she told me she didn't want to talk to anyone at the moment, she was to depressed about her dog and that I need to stop telling her I love her.

So I checked her Facebook page -we are not friends on it, never were- and it looks like her and her ex are getting back together. I'm not sure all the details, but it looks like they have been back in contact for a little bit now, but it looks like they may start dating again now.

So I guess my questions is, why can't she just tell me she doesn't want to talk to me because she is seeing someone else and also why would she call me when her dog ran away? I don't think we are going to get back together...and I don't even think she is going to respond to me trying to be her friend...but I just am curious on why you people think she has acted the way she has.
I think I am just writing for some type of closure with my ex.
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