How would/do you feel if you ever got cheated on?

OK which of the options would you feel most if you were cheated on?

A. You feel that you're a loser, that you were played, that they never loved you and only used you for sex, that they didn't even care about you, that you are so pathetic you should never date again because the next person will also just use you for sex and cheat on you. You still try to be their friend because you feel it is all your fault for them cheating on you. You wish them well and still call them and write them a lot.

B. You feel they are pathetic loser, who didn't deserve you. They are a terrible person and you never want to see them again. They have no morals, they are a bad person for treating you so bad when you treated them so good. It's all their fault for not having any self control.

C. You feel that you guys just have went separate ways and the partner didn't know how to break it up with you that's why they went and cheat. You still keep in touch and just tell others that you guys had a mutual break up and that you both just went your separate ways but they were and are still a very nice person.

D. Other reasons, please explain
You suck for being cheated on
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They suck for cheating on you
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It is a mutual break up
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Other, please explain
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How would/do you feel if you ever got cheated on?
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