He left without saying goodbye. Should I ever ask him why?

This guys I've been seeing for the past 5 months left for college 2 states over. he has barely talked to me all week and I understand he's busy and I haven't been the one to text him first or anything...but he left without saying good bye. should I ever ask him why? or just never talk to him ever again? I don't know I'm really hurt.

well it's not a relationship. the original plan was when he goes off to college we stop talking. but like he made plans to say bye to me. but he didn't.


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What Guys Said 1

  • lol. just text him and talk to him. don't be afraid to take control of a relationship. make sure you talk to him. although I don't think you should ask him why he didn't say goodbye. that might put him in an uncomfortable position.

    but really. its your choice if you want to talk to him or not. if you still like him, and w/e then do it. if not then let it go.


What Girls Said 1

  • If you made plans to stop talking and he didn't even say bye to you? Well, I wouldn't bother with it anymore. It doesn't matter if he said bye or not since you weren't going to continue the relationship anyway. I wouldn't put in more effort with him. I know you're hurt, but he's not since you shouldn't be.

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