I'm so paranoid about gaining all of the weight back that I lost

I have come such a long way but, every time I eat I feel like I’m going to gain it all back and be how I used to be. My body is nice and toned now but when I eat I just feel the same as I did before and like the body that I earned is going to disappear. I’m also worried i’m gaining weight again because every time I weigh my self it tells me a different number. I weigh myself daily now, and it looks like my weight is slowly going up more and more, and i’m scared that after all of the hard work i’ve done I will have just wasted my time. Even in the morning when I weigh myself it says i’m like 4-6 pounds more than I was before and I hate it. I don’t know what to do should I just eat less food?


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  • start a vegetarian diet that help it helped me


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