Unexpected Break-Up...

Hey guys and girls,

I'm going to try to be as brief as possible.

So recently my girl and I started a relationship but I warned her that I already had a girlfriend that I was going to break up soon.

Around a week ago, when I broke up with my original girlfriend, she bited me on my neck for no reason, a day later I forgot it left a mark on my neck and went to meet my "recent" girl (wow, this is getting confusing, no?). She saw the mark and kept asking me what was it (she knew what it was).

Some minutes later, her mom appears and wanted to talk to me about some stuff in private, my girl stayed with her friend. A bit later, out of nothing my girl and her friend appears, and my girl says: you can't manipulate me blablabla, we're done and I don't want to see you again not talk, ever, and leaves.

I was like, woah, wasn't expecting that one. When I was going back home I texted her, saying I would respect her decision and that I would really miss her, she just said "ok".

I know she really liked me but, when girls say something like that, do they mean it? I think she was angry so, I don't know, plus she had her friend (girl) probably saying, oh he is not worth it, you know, that kind of stuff they usually do :p

We haven't talked in about a week and I'm really missing her, strange thing is, she didn't delete me on messenger and Facebook, since she also said not to talk to her.

What do you think and what should I do?

Thank you for your time, aprecciate it. :)


Most Helpful Girl

  • O_O that my friend...is not brief...at all.

    lol. of course she is angry. you should deff call her and tell her that you want to explain what happened and that it really wasn't what she thought. she's being a girl she wants you to say sorry and make a big fuss. If you're okay with that then go ahead and um play it.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Karma bit you in the neck.

    • Possibly, but what should I do? :s

    • I really don't have advice for a guy who has the balls to get a new girlfriend while still having the old girlfriend. That's just shady. All I can say is that you got what you had coming to you, given the situation.

  • Well, there's a high possibility her friend had the 'that guy is bad' talk with her. So, I think she is angry yes, and her friend put oil on the fire. but anyway, I don't think she meant it 100%, so I think you should pursue her and ask her about it. And don't forget to explain yourself, that's very important, so she understands the whole situation. I hope this helps (:


What Guys Said 1

  • You are 21 and saying this? This sounds like 15 year old garbage.

    I don't buy it, sounds fake and if it is true... you must not have friends who can tell you the obvious.


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