Ex and I are talking but I started convo...

So my boyfriend and I hadn't talked for 3 days after our break up, and I texted him asking when he would like his stuff and we had a good convo it was civil and nice, then 2 hours later I texted him asking to be friends still and see what happens, and all he said was yep. and he texted me tonight asking me what I was doing and we were kinda flirting making jokes. I oviously know this is a good sign. He knows I'm not really able to make a relationship work right now, due to personal issues but if a guy agrees to being friends with his ex is it more likely we are gunna end up together agian?


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  • Are you wanting to be friends in order to get together again? It doesn't always work like that. You two will have a hard time getting over all of this if you don't take some time apart first, THEN be friends.

  • no. don't get back together with him. and if you're questioning whether or not a friendship can work without it leading to more, then don't be friends for now. space is good after break-ups.


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