I'm 18, in college, never had a girlfriend. I think I'm doing it wrong.

I'm a naturally lonely person. I'm pretty shy as far as going up to someone and talking to them from across the room but I do talk to people. I honestly don't have any friends. I know people and we are pals but I don't really have any friends.

My best friend of 10 years (basically my brother) just decided to ditch me for more popular people. I have never had a girlfriend. I asked a girl out in 8th grade and she accepted but ended up using the movie tickets with someone else and didn't tell me. that pretty much stopped my dating confidence right there. I didn't even go to prom.

I'm not really attracted to "hot" girls. I just wish there was ONE nice girl that I knew of that didn't whore herself around or act ridiculous, or never shower. I know I'm not a good looking person and I'm not athletic and I'm actually in a poor family but I am very lonely.

My best friend is a 70 year old man that I help around his workshop. that's pretty pathetic. I don't listen to modern music. I don't have a Facebook. I don't even watch TV that often. All I do is read art books, history books, build computers and practice artistry. I have no one to talk to and I am a very lonely person. I am literally my best friend along with my dog. I'm not just anti-social but I don't fit in with any group of folks.

I go days without actually speaking to anyone. When I find someone to talk to they seem interested but then they start looking down at their phones or they have parties to go to etc.

I need advice on finding a girl that won't stare me down for being an unattractive geek that hasn't any money or social life. ha ha I might as well as for a pot of gold.


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  • well you're 18 in college... you have a good 3 or 4 years of college ahead of you. you can start with your classes... people in college act much differently then in high school, especially the upper classmen. I suggest you start of talking to girls in your class! ask for some help or if you see someone struggling try to help them out.. seriously classes are the best way to meet girls. that and going to events and joining clubs. for example this weekend a sorority as my university had a $5 car wash for charity. so I went there and got my car washed. I couldn't even get any of my friends to go as wingmen (I hate that..) buti really wanted to go (and my car did need a wash) so I just went there by myself... it was intimidating at first, I felt uncomfortable, and it didn't go as smooth as I hoped it would but I put myself out there and I did talk to one girl there for a bit and ended up adding her on Facebook. though I don't know if ill see her again, it was a positive experience..

    so there you have it, be active on campus, be willing to step outside your comfort zone, and... just do it!


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  • I think I'm doing it wrong.

    ^ yep you're shy and probably don't actively pursue people to talk but wait until they talk to you or are with others in a safe setting.

    I need advice on finding a girl that won't stare me down for being an unattractive geek that hasn't any money or social life

    ^ get an unattractive geek girl who is poor and has no social life.

    I just wish there was ONE nice girl that I knew of that didn't whore herself around or act ridiculous, or never shower.

    ^ there are girls out there like that but since you go days without talking to people and have no friends you don't know them.

    LMAO XD at whoring herself out since you judge on experience don't get p*ssy if a girl judges you for your inexperience

    Join some hobby clubs

    Join some campus groups

    Go to some parties

    Talk to others in your class

  • You remind me of my an old friend of mine well he was also an ex but my point is I suggest not using terms such as whoring herself out. it's just not something you should say especially if you want a girlfriend.stick with I just want a nice decent girl. But like I told my ex. You should start to join some clubs and don't be afraid to open yourself up more to people. Not everyone is the same. You should watch the way you walk, you know, the way you carry yourself. Maybe you should smile more to make yourself more approachable. people in college are more open and accepting. It's going to be okay.


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  • there is no recipe for better life, all you have to do is keep trying and don't give up, this is your basic life , try to change it by adding more social things,like ''every Saturday I will find new friend , if you fail you can't get worse, the worse situation is one you are at,so basically you don't have anything to lose, thing is that you must change your habit of life,then after you found new friends , try the same thing with girls, just pretend that you like hanging out and stuff, you will see after a while you will like it, never give up !


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