Crazy psycho ex :/ please give me some advice

Me and my ex split two weeks ago, he has a new girlfriend and I have someone new, not rebound. Me and my ex split on bad terms but I'm over him and he seemed to just get on with his new girlfriend. I noticed a few days ago he was adding friends off mine on Facebook I text him asking him to stop etc thinking as he's apparently over it he would be fine. He started off fine saying he had been thinking about me etc hoping I was OK, I told him I was happy that he was happy and he just started going crazy sending me ten page text messages full off the worst things iv ever read, telling me he was laid in bed with his new girlfriend thinking what he ever saw in me and how she can give me what I couldn't etc, I explained I didn't wanna row I'm moved on and happy for him but he carried on and. .

Last night I saw on this forum (not this one) someone had asked a question saying 'write a letter to someone who hurt you've basically saying it helps etc, I read what he wrote and he wrote about me,really nasty bitter things, in the end I got my new boyfriend to text him just to tell him to back off, my ex then decide to start telling my new boyfriend bad things about me etc.

I don't get why he's acting like this he has a new girlfriend has her in his Facebook picture the lot so why is he acting like this?


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  • You're right; he does sound like a psycho. I wish his new girlfriend lots of luck. It sounds like cutting off all communication with him might be your best bet. You can't control his behavior on Facebook, internet forums, etc., but certainly he shouldn't be giving you unwanted calls or text messages.

    • Is he jealous?

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    • Possessive in what way?

    • Constantly communicating with you and talking about you... he should be moving on with his life, but it sounds like he's not. Some people might consider that kind of behavior possessive.

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