Why does ex respond now but not then?

last night I sent a text message to my ex saying "hey" but then I cancelled it midway through sending it. later that night he texted me and we started talking, but just about stuff like school and football. at the end I asked what made him decide to text me...and he said he was just texting me back from earlier when I said "hey" ...so it turns out eventhough my cellphone said it didn't send, it did. then I felt stupid.

the weird thing is that I texted him last week about football with a picture of us from a football game we took together, but he didn't respond...what makes this time different?


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What Guys Said 1

  • First, let me explain how a text message works. Your phone sends the message to the tower. The tower receives the message then sends a confirmation back to the phone. That's how your phone knows the message was sent. You clicking on "stop" or "cancel" does not guarantee it will stop the message. Your phone is already broadcasting and there's a chance the tower has already received it and not yet confirmed it with your phone.

    Second, maybe he was busy last week when you texted him so he never got around to replying?


What Girls Said 1

  • maybe he answered this time around because you just started a casual conversation by saying hey. he might not have known how to respond to a pic of you two at a football game. that's not much of a conversation starter for you and your ex (no offense)


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