Ex contacts me when its convenient for her?

the last 2 months I Haven't contacted my ex she has contacted me numerous times, one time was to see how I'm doing and the others were when she was seeing a guy or when she feels guilty for not accepting a meet up for coffee cause she was seeing someone, I said it was cool hope them the best. we both went through a lot and got a stupid life long std, she is now in university and got a new relationship with a guy who lives 3 hours from her. yet she still contacts me about the stupid std and medication and now she has a new guy I expect her to not contact be what so ever, she has been doing to get me to help with things and little questions to get her life in order. I don't want to anymore she can fck off, I'm not her emotional tampon. if this guy f***ers her over cause of distance and sex etc. what do I do if she comes to me or if she even tries texting me again? shall I ignore it. I want to move on.

i will become a better person and more attractive than the bitch I was before and have been doing so. life has taken a big turn in the last few months but I do miss her that I can't help.


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  • I think it best that you block her number and move on. I am sorry for you man. good luck


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