Ex boyfriends beat me. What to do I do? please answer ASAP

i have a boyfriend that's been with me for 9 months and been haven to deal with my ex boyfriends beating me when he isn't around and every time my boyfriend tries to confront them they always run. and the reason that my exs won't leave me alone because they want to be with me but I don't want to be with any of them so they beat me and my current boyfriend is getting pissed because they keep doing it and keep doing it. oh did I tell you I'm 4 months pregnet and they have beat me so bad that I've almost lost the baby. but I don't know what to do? do I leave the boyfriend I'm with to be with them that way they will stop beating me ? or shall I keep dealing with the abuse


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  • go down to the police station and then the court house and file for a PFA. if you have any more questions then shoot me a e-mail. I have been in your situation before. I don't want to get to personal on here as you may have some questions so I am trying to respect your privacy.

    • I meant shoot me a message. if it means your life then you will go to the police station and then file a PFA. if you don't do it you are playing with fire. it will only get worse as time goes on.

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